Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength, and longevity. Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available. KEVIN.MURPHY products proved the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home while always remaining kind to the environment. Fox and the Hair is proudly using and retailing the full line of KEVIN.MURPHY products. Paraben free, sulfate free, ammonia free, PPD free and cruelty free. Now packaging their products using ocean waste plastic ♻️ A phenomenal professional line with an incredible mission.

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Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) is a recognized leader and innovator in skin health that is committed to continually expanding and improving professional skin care. The company has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists. Their award-winning Skin Care Management System offers you a simplified solution to meet your skin care needs today and into the future. The best anti-aging system New Beauty winner for 10 consecutive years. Paraben free, used and trusted by physicians and skin care professionals world wide. 




Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines was born as a research and development laboratory, always following a formulation philosophy inspired by innovation criteria, aimed at ensuring the maximum of both sustainability and performance.


For this reason they prefer ingredients obtained from renewable and eco-sustainable sources, whose origins are traceable; of natural origin, biological or eco-certified, biodegradable and those that allow us to respect and encourage biodiversity.


They pay the utmost attention to the origin of the ingredients, to their quality and purity. Rigorous tests, both internal and independent, conducted in collaboration with international Universities and research centers, guarantee their effectiveness.



163 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA 94952, USA

(707) 364-1875

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